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Evans stays cool in Dakar

Published: 19/11/2013

The route has been announced, the competitor list revealed and the final preparations are underway for the 36th Dakar Rally, the unique endurance challenge charged by the spirit of adventure. The uncompromising conditions of the Dakar present the ultimate test for any truck, car or bike engine, keeping the engines cool in this type of environment has always been a major headache for many race teams.

RallyRaid UK have been competing in the Dakar Rally for 16 years and use Evans Waterless Engine Coolants in all of their cars, bikes and trucks to combat any engine cooling problems. The purpose formulated coolant eliminates all the issues associated to water including boiling, freezing, overheating, detonation, power loss and corrosion. Evans not only eradicates engine hotspots improving combustion and maximising BHP, but also allows the cooling system to run at a lower pressure, reducing strain on hoses and other engine components.

The KAMAZ Master Team have been using Evans Coolants for a number of years, they were victors at Dakar 2013 taking first, second and third. Evans Powersports is the official coolant of the Honda World MX Team and the go to choice for many other factory and independent teams.

An Evans cooled Chevrolet Fangio won this year’s Peking to Paris Motor Rally. Two other cars in the top ten finishers and another two in the top thirty were also cooled by Evans Waterless Engine Coolants, all completed the race with no overheating issues.

It will be the longest Dakar since the race first arrived in South America, covering 9,000 kilometres in total, 5000 of which will be special stages. On January 5th 2014, around 450 vehicles are expected to start the race from the Argentinian city of Rosario in what promises to be the longest, highest and hardest Dakar ever. The route will and take in the spectacular landscapes of Salar d’Uyuni in Olivia before finishing in the Chilean port of Valparaiso.

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