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Evans featured on LRTV

Published: 11/09/2013

Great videos and further evidence from Chris Higgins (Land Rover Tool Box) demonstrating the impact Evans Waterless Engine Coolants are making in the 4x4 scene.

In part 1 Chris explains the advantages of using Evans Waterless Coolants instead of a traditional water and antifreeze mix and follows up with an easy to follow conversion demo in part 2. Look out for 4x4 tuning pioneer Phill Bayliss of The Old Forge, check out the performance levels he is getting from his Td5 powered Defender.

Land Rover Toolbox is a video tutorial channel on You Tube. The aim is provide safe, accurate visual and audible information with a ‘can do’ attitude aimed at beginners to intermediate Land Rover Enthusiasts who are interested in professional techniques to repair items on their vehicles. The source of tutorial inspiration comes from the questions asked on the forums about repair and diagnostic questions asked by forum users. Many of which own either Defenders or Discovery vehicles.

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